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 It is for us the living, rather to be dedicated to the unfinished work of those who fought here, and so nobly advanced. 650,000 Americans gave their lives during the Civil War, and many more during the Civil Rights Movement to assure everyone would have an equal opportunity.
To expect a people to be both ignorant and free is to expect something that never has and never will be. Education, our new Gettysburg, begins in the home, is nurtured in the classroom, and is manifested throughout life.

Their consciousness is clouded because our apathy allowed it! Common disclaimer, "I work!"


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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Relationship ?'s Me2

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Point to ponder:
"Many stand idle and watch our children fall!"

"Do you have a question?"

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A visible commitment is the first step in creating a respectable fathers program...             

What exactly is a program for Fathers:
Perhaps the biggest misconception about a program for fathers is that the intended audience is only the students or the children.  Role modeling and setting examples are program goals intended to reach other fathers and families.  The program is centered on communicating positive fatherhood & overall family values.  Fathers learn how to become involved in their schools, communities and where ever children gather.  They strengthen their mentoring skills and become visual and verbal reminders of the role of a responsible adult male. The fathers program should place emphasis on what it can do for children. 
"Who benefits from a father involvement program?"
  • First, the Children!
  • Second, the Parents!
  • Third, the Schools!
  • Ultimately, each one of us!
 Contact Linda & Rev. Anthony.
"Why?" Research has clearly drawn a correlation between fatherless children, academic & social failure. 
As members of a fathers program the men are a walking example of a responsible male.  They are sensitive to the needs of children.  They are not selfish because they are sharing their most valuable resource, "TIME," to be involved in the lives of children. 
Empower your parents (mothers & fathers) and you will not have to remind them to come to their school. 
Fatherhood Programs embody the answer to being a man in the twenty-first century 


I have been consulting in fatherhood
and family matters for 30 years.
This is not a statement of perfection,
but one of experience & correction.
My studies are based in Theology,
Psychology, & Sociology.
Vocation: Minister of Mercy.
Avocation: Fatherhood
& Family Consultant.
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Founders: Linda A. Wallace & Rev. Anthony D. Wallace I



On some level , at some point...there has to be a connection made between mentor and child. Fall back upon your experiences...Father absence, dreams, law enforcement, education, Sports, etc… You probably have more in common than you have things that separate you….Remember your youth, when was the first time you felt different...You are looking for talking points...Open your mind. 
Detect: Conversation breeds thought, through verbal communication we will explore cause & effect of personal, family, & community concerns, we will explore the spiritual, cultural, & global impact of chosen areas of these concerns. 
Infect: Infect them with Hope, and Wisdom. You want to infect them with a desire for worldly knowledge, a life beyond that microcosm they refer to as the hood, “ down on the block”…You want to infect them with a consciousness as the scouts say, “Mentally awake and Morally straight.”  You want them to have the will to not only lift themselves but those around them as well.
Direct: Direct them to another level of understanding...Once you have their confidence you can critique them on their decision making...establish different priorities...a different value system...what it means to be a man or a woman...a parent...to be an upstanding citizen...an advocate for other desperate souls in need of rescue such as they were...Give them a Purpose. Above all Direct them to the importance of Education. 
Key Ingredient: A Positive Male Influence,  Pay close Attention, be consistent, they will come to depend upon you...Remember your word is your bond...Don’t make promises or commitments you can’t keep. They will look forward to seeing you often...Please do not let them down!
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                 "Communication is the "keystone" in the structure of all relationships!"